Press Fit Technology

With Rampart Stainless Steel Pipes, the installation of pipe fitting becomes a child�s play, further made easier by the complete assistance by our team of experts.

We are constantly engaged in providing complete assistance to our clients.

Press Fit Technology in pictures

Cut the tube to length

Push the tube into the fitting till the tube stops

Mark the tube for reference during the pressing

Open the jaws of the pressing tool and insert the assembled tube and fitting to be pressed

Press the lever and make a joint

Check the Completed joint

Furthermore, our team of experts offer you their complete assistance while installation of the pipes and the joints. In case you are wondering how easy the installation is, just watch below.

Tools Installation Video


  • Water Tank (Sheetal)
  • Water Pipes
  • Waste Management System
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

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SIIR Pressure Test