Rampart Stainless Steel Plumbing system is a revolutionary concept which uses superior Stainless Steel pipes and eliminates welding, threading to give a hygienic and ever lasting piping solution to any project...

Our Range of Products

In accordance with multiple usage and various requirements, Rampart Pipes are available in two grades of Stainless Steel: Rampart 304 SS Pipes and Rampart 316 SS Pipes...

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Application & References

Rampart Stainless Steel Pipes are suitable for every project and every climate, be it residential, commercial or industrial. No wonder, from Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur to lightweight water pipe bridges in Japan, Stainless Steel pipes are omnipresent...

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Press Fit Technology

Rampart Stainless Steel pipes employ a unique Press Fit Technology for a quick, easy and error proof installation of joints which can stand the test of time...

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  • Water Tank (Sheetal)
  • Water Pipes
  • Waste Management System
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

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SIIR Pressure Test