About Rampart

"The best quality every time and any time" - the Sheetal Group has followed this principle right from its inception in the year 1989. Started by Mr. Bharat Aggarwal, the Sheetal group offers a wide range of products to choose from - Water Storage Tanks, Bins, Spittoons, Rickshaws, Trolleys, Barriers, GI pipes, plastic pipes (CP & PVC), pipe fittings and many more. Rampart India Pvt. Ltd., the latest addition to the Sheetal Group, brings a revolutionary product to compliment the rising standards of construction and infrastructure in India - Rampart Stainless Steel (SS) Pipes.

What is a Stainless Steel (SS) Pipe?

In general, the water pipes installations in India are either Galvanised Iron (GI) or plastics (cPVC, PPR, PVC, etc) pipes, which apart from being unhygienic, also adversely affect the life of building and result in inflating the long term costs. This is where Stainless Steel (SS) Pipes score over any other pipe available in the market. Due to their avant-garde Press Fit Technology which eliminates welding and threading, world over these pipes provide new age solutions for the top end quality conscious project like Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings and Residential projects.

The Definitive Edge of Rampart

  1. Hygiene : Pipes you can trust your life with.
  2. Durability : No Corrosion. Longer Life.
  3. Minimal Blockages : Smooth surface means a high flow rate.
  4. High Strength to Weight Ratio : More in less.
  5. Green Material : We care.
  6. Faster Installation : Zip. Zap. Zoom.
  7. High Temperature Resistance : Whatever the conditions may be, they never yield.
  8. Fire Resistance : The safest pipes in the market.
  9. Extended Building Life : Increases longevity. Decreases operational costs.
  10. Superior Impact Resistance : It simply wouldn't budge.
  11. Cryogenic Applications : Let it snow.


  • Water Tank (Sheetal)
  • Water Pipes
  • Waste Management System
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

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